Welcome to GABP

...We Fill the Needful Gaps

The Global Association of Benevolent Practitioners (GABP), is where compassion meets healthcare excellence. GABP bridges the GAP in diagnostic acumen, knowledge, care delivery, and collaboration access of providers in underserved communities with other practitioners and specialists worldwide. 


Who Can Be a GABP Member?

GABP membership is open to all practitioners who are benevolent inclined in their deeds, works and actions.

GABP members are givers! There is no cost to register. 

Members Duty

Sharing Knowledge

As a GABP member, your duty is to share your expertise and knowledge in your specific area of specialty with fellow members and practitioners.

Identifying Community Needs

Identify a specific need to address or GAP to bridge in a community

Promoting Collaboration

Members should actively promote collaboration and networking among themselves and with other practitioners and specialists.

Upholding Ethical Standards

GABP members are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards in their professional and benevolent activities.

Providing Financial Support

GABP members are encouraged to provide financial support to advance the care provided to people in underserved areas.

Empowering Communities

As a GABP member, your duty is to empower underserved communities by dedicating your time and expertise to help them become self-sufficient in managing their healthcare needs.

Special Membership Invitation

A GABP member can nominate any benevolent individual or group for membership into GABP. Such nomination will be supported by 2 or more GABP members.